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Traditional & Innovative Asian Fusion Recipes to Enjoy at Home
Sun-Bird® authentic Asian Seasoning Mixes are the quick and easy way to experience the exotic flavors of the Far East in the comfort of your home.

Sun-Bird Korean BBQ Seasoning Bulgogi flavored Korean Barbecue Seasoning Mix, adds smoky sweet flavors and a slight kick of heat to this well loved international favorite.

Sun-Bird Korean Taco Seasoning This Korean - Mexican fusion dish was made popular in the US as part of the 21st Century Street Food movement in Los Angeles.

Sun-Bird Lo Mein Seasoning A simple, flavorful way to make this traditional Cantonese dish of soft noodles with stir-fried vegetables and protein in a savory brown sauce of ginger, garlic and soy flavors.

Sun-Bird Mandarin Orange Chicken Seasoning A North American favorite, this quick and simple meal provides the sweet orange - chili sauce flavor for a truly authentic experience.